(U2W Plus) UPGRADE FIRMWARE OFFLINE -for Carlinkit CPC200-U2W/U2W Plus Dongles Firmware Upgrade by USB Flash Drive


Warning: We strongly recommend that you do not upgrade while the product is in good working condition. If you must upgrade, please strictly follow our operating instructions.

(Very Important note: Do not attempt to connect the adapter to your computer or laptop USB ports. These ports are made to transfer data and will just interrupt the update process and break the device.)

Preparation materials: the dongle, power adapter, USB flash drive.

Steps of how to upgrade the firmware by USB flash drive:

1. Prepare a U disk below 32G, the quality is better.
2. First format the U disk to FAT32.
3. Put the file into the U disk.(Please kindly contact us for the upgrade file).
4. Find a plug to power on the carlinkit box, and then insert the U disk into the USB port of the carlinkit box to upgrade.
5. The red and blue flashes indicate that the upgrade is in progress, do not power off, wait until only the red light is on, and then wait for 3 minutes to unplug it. During the update process, do not operate any buttons or touch the screen. Do not touch the product or power off.
You can also refer to the video: